Rota Management Software

Staff roster plays an important role in the businesses to execute routine operations where it is mostly required to make frequent changes in the shift hours of employees. Managing staff Rota becomes cumbersome when the entire scheduling plan is drawn every time on a piece of paper and then circulated among the employees for shift update. Besides occupying the CEO’s office with a huge stack of clunky spreadsheets, it also leads to the unavailability of employees on time after the plan is modified. One of the causes may be when the employee couldn’t receive the amendment notification in circular.
With advancement in the use of cloud applications like Skype, Email and Hangout; it has become easy for the management to adopt a common means of communication for sending notifications to employees about the week’s plan. This will act as the best channel for communicating real-time updates among the employees and also the managers involved in those activities.

Key Challenges of This Project

To manage all the aspects of scheduling and organizing an employee’s working shifts, it is necessitated to introduce an application driven software for seamless Rota management in an organization.
We had a lot in our plate for creating this real time Rota Management software. It counts for all the major complexities to automate each module and render clean system performance. As a part of every project, there were some challenges in this assignment also for which we pulled the strings of our brain matter and put scalable agile development into real action.

Robust PHP Framework for Full Customization: With major focus on easy-to-use admin panel, this client needed a bespoke framework that should allow the manager is able to easily update and notify employees about the new time table via this Rota scheduler.
Real Time Push Notification: As defined by the client in our initial communication, it was desired to implement instant push notification feature on so that the employees can get live app update about each change in the schedule on their own device.
Secure API Integration: Unlike simplex mode of message notification, every new update was required to be published securely over website and also wished to be synchronized via secure API installation to reach business app on the user’s mobile.

Pounding the Pavement to Robust Rota Management Software

The client’s imagination was snowed under a big jeopardy when we were approached to devise an API driven Rota management software. But with the intelligent consultation of our experienced project analysts, we were able to confide a hope of possibility in the client and accelerate the wheel of his cherished dream. We worked all the hours that God sent. Finally it was all possible through and we went an extra mile to produce a real picture of Rota Management software that incorporates all the inclusive features as per the client’s requirement.

Making the Two Ends Meet

Working at a stretch on the detailed project requirements, our expert front-end designers got their feet under the table and brought up a simplified architecture design for the application workflow. Passing the bucks to the team of our experienced web developers proved another great asset for their storng hold in creating secure API enabled mobile applications.
Under the well-able supervision of our senior project managers and SCRUM analysts, our proficient team of PHP web developers and mobile application programmers were able to develop the project using Laravel PHP framework and deduce an API communication for synchronizing push notification between user’s mobile app and web software.

This software was built in strict compliance with the local industry standards for Rota Management software.
It incorporated the multi user account features to accommodate the increased number of employees.
We provided an effective web based solution for staff roster that balances the needs of end users like managers and department individuals.
The business manager can easily sort the periodic shift plan online and check for the employee names who were absent on duty.

What is the Scope of Rota Management Software?

Rota software finds its wide applications in the key segments of retail, operation research, hospitality, heavy metal and healthcare industry. Advanced staff scheduling software assists the managers of large companies to monitor complex scheduling flowchart and keep check on the daily attendance of employees in the organization.