Backbone JS

Backbone.JS Open-Source Development

Build Dynamic Web-Based Solutions Using Superheroic JavaScript Framework

Provides Javascript MVC Framework

Applications download a single payload containing all the scripts, stylesheets, & markup users.

Abstract app code

Hides code except for relevant data about an object necessary to simplify navigation in complex projects

E-commerce Web Applications

With our BackboneJS services, we help you create dynamic views for your ecommerce web apps.

Native App Development

We apply agile methodology to create interactive website UI and fast-loading native applications.

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Why do you need Backbone.js?

Building single-page web apps or complicated user interfaces will get extremely difficult by simply using jQuery or MooTools. The problem is standard JavaScript libraries are great at what they do – and without realizing it you can build an entire application without any formal structure. You will with ease turn your application into a nested pile of jQuery callbacks, all tied to concrete DOM elements.

Why single page applications are the future

Backbone.js enforces that communication to the server should be done entirely through a RESTful API. The web is currently trending such that all data/content will be exposed through an API. This is because the browser is no longer the only client, we now have mobile devices, tablet devices, Google Goggles and electronic fridges etc.

Backbone is an incredibly small library for the amount of functionality and structure it gives you. It is essentially MVC for the client and allows you to make your code modular. If you read through some of the beginner tutorials the benefits will soon become self evident and due to Backbone.js light nature you can incrementally include it in any current or future projects.

Choose BackboneJS for Creating Mobile Sites & Native Applications
  • Strong community and lots of momentum
  • Backbone is known for being lightweight
  • Develop Quickly & Effortlessly
  • Synchronization with a Backend
  • Backbonejs Contains all feature readymade
  • Backbonejs make application that super simple
So how does Essitco help?

We are a team of highly qualified experts; we will give your app idea, a platform and develop it according to your needs. If you are looking for Backbone.js developers with proven skills, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Our developers are skilled in JavaScript language and have given a successful end to various projects.

If standing out prominently in the lucrative market of shiny applications is your target, E Software Solution will give you the perfect solution to launch the right app, with desired functionality and support.

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