Upgrade Your WordPress Website to Version 4.8 – Take a Look at What’s New?

WordPress Releases New Version with Its Users in Mind
Gear up for more personalized user experience with new WordPress version 4.8. With the first stable release of WordPress 4.8, the new features update in this latest WordPress version are added to provide you more ways to increase the post editing interface with new types of widgets and represent your brand using more intuitive dashboard.

WordPress is the most popular open source CMS for building successful business websites and creating stunning blog portals. The latest version of WordPress 4.8 was released a few days ago. WordPress 4.8 named “Evans” is now available to download and upgrade your website with improved security features. This recent update in WordPress platform has been called “An Update with You in Mind” by WordPress team member Matt Mullenweg.

New Features in WordPress 4.8

WordPress 4.8 to be the first major version release of WordPress in 2017 with long awaited enhancements and improved security features. In this article, we will take you to a rundown of what’s new in WordPress 4.8. While there always happens enhancements ‘under the hood’, in this article we will show you the most significant improvements and new features you should try post updating your WordPress website.
Take a look at the new features and updates you will appreciate. Among the major changes in WordPress version 4.8 includes the important areas of media widgets (image, audio, video), link boundary improvements, improved rich text widget that supports quick formatting, enhanced visual editor, and new Nearby WordPress Events section included on your dashboard that brings in meetup and WordPress official activities. Any WordPress user who doesn’t know how to code, can simply achieve the tasks in new WordPress version 4.8.

Image Widget

Adding an image to a widget is now easier. With WordPress 4.8, you can easily drag and drop the image widget anywhere to the sidebar within the widget settings. Previously if you wanted to add an image in a WordPress widget, then you had to either write custom HTML code or use a plugin.
You can also click on ‘Add image’ button to add a new image or use the previously uploaded image from the WordPress media library. Save the widget settings and click on ‘Add to Widget’ button to preview the image.

Audio Widget

Similar to image widget, it is now possible to add an audio file to the sidebar without using HTML codes. Simply click on ‘Add Audio’ button to upload your audio file to the Media Library. This widget works wonders for podcasters, bloggers, and musicians to select the audio file and embed it in the HTML5 media player.
The new WordPress 4.8 audio widget supports the popular audio file formats like MP3, WAV and OGG. You can also add a personalized welcome message for the audio listeners.

Video Widget

Showcase your brand with a welcome video and introduce your latest products to the site visitors. 4.8 allows users to add video widget to the sidebar. You can also embed your YouTube video or add a new video to the widget from the media library. Simply insert from URL and paste the link. WordPress will fetch the thumbnail of the selected video and display it.
It is recommended to add videos from any video hosting providers like Vimeo or YouTube. Uploading a video from external source occupies major portion of the space on your web server and may cause the website to load slowly.

Fig. New Media Widgets in WordPress 4.8

Text Widget

This light version of text editor feature in WordPress 4.8 deserves a parade winding through the center of town. With its new rich-text editing capabilities, you can write a post and drop the text widget anywhere. Emphasize the headlines and quickly insert links. Use rich formatting buttons to make text bold or italic.
Up to WordPress 4.7 release, you need to add your own HTML code in the default plain text widget. WordPress 4.8 ships with improved rich text widget eliminating the need to use plugins for visual editor component. Advanced WordPress users can code HTML manually in the text editor.

WordPress Events & News Dashboard

Get latest updates on WordPress events local to you. Enjoy the new WordPress 4.8 feature that includes space for official WordPress meetups and new events happening in more than 400 cities worldwide.

Fig. New Events Showcase in WordPress Dashboard

With the introduction of this new WordPresss Events and News dashboard, users can become the part of WordPress community events by submitting their city name. This paves the way for WordPress developers to attend the global WordPress meetups, meet community members, and improve WordPress skills. Users can also submit their feedback Login to WordPress admin dashboard and look at the upcoming events happening near your location based on your time zone.

Visual Editor Link Boundaries

When using a visual editor, many users find it difficult to edit the text correctly around the link. This happens because if you edit or add a text after the link, your new text also gets linked up. And even if you edit the text within the link, then it goes outside of inline element. This is frustrating.

Fig. Link Boundaries in WordPress 4.8     source: wordpress.org

With WordPress 4.8 link boundaries, you get a great visual editor experience using new features. Using this latest version ensures the users that their link works well after editing the text around. They can also add more text and it gets hyperlinked automatically. WordPress link boundaries precisely highlight the text you want to use as hyperlink.