Why You Should Choose Magento for Building Your Online E-commerce Store?

To bring your business online and establish its presence as a successful growing e-commerce store is never easy. There are always few critical issues that all businessmen thinking of building online ecommerce store need to process before beginning with website development project. It seems difficult to choose the right kind of e-commerce platform that fits into your budget and works 100% for your ecommerce business to stay ahead of customer shopping trends.

There is a glut of CMS platforms which you can prefer to start building your ecommerce website or a multi-brand ecommerce store. Among the varied array of CMS platforms includes WordPress Woocommerce, Magento, Shopify, Joomla, and Open Cart. If you have decided to develop your ecommerce website and plunge into multi-billion ecommerce market, then you must be able to choose the right platform out of the many available open-source and hosted ecommerce solutions.

Top Reasons to Choose Magento for E-commerce Development

Nowadays, Magento tops the global business choice for online ecommerce development. Top leading brands like eBay, Nestle, and more than 2, 50,000 merchants in the world are now selling more using the Magento advantage. A truly customizable eCommerce store makes it easy to extend your product line on the website and fetch more customers. Let’s dig up and know how Magento is the most preferable platform for your online ecommerce business.

1. Open Source Platform

Choosing Magento for Ecommerce development lets you work with a great peace of mind. Magento is agile and open-source so that you can develop your ecommerce business online with high affordability. Stay focused to your brand success. Magento deserves reward in powering above 40% of total e-commerce sites on the web.

2. High End Security

Go along with integrating more modules into your ecommerce store, website security is still assured in Magento. While creating ecommerce website in Magento, your mind is at ease since Magento platform provides secure access to multiple levels of user permissions to keep your ecommerce website safe. Being a professional Magento Development Company in India, e Software Solutions provides affordable Magneto ecommerce web developers who are skilled in creating bespoke online shopping stores for both web and mobile platform.

3. Flexible Store Customization

Magento is more than just an ecommerce platform. It is built with user’s vision and buying perspective in mind. Working with Magento offers amazing web store experience as it is easy to customize store functionality by using preloaded array of Magento ecommerce features.
Magento developers at e Software Solutions fabricate your online store to include everything from product pages to payment extension and cart checkout to shipping options that will increase your business value and make it more customer-friendly to boost sales.

4. Full Owner Control

Many global companies which own Magento to run their online ecommerce business grow three times faster than their competitors who are using other ecommerce platforms. With Magento, you have full administration control of your ecommerce website once it is developed and launched.
A trusted Magento development company like we are in India, have a team of experienced ecommerce experts who design beautiful ecommerce theme templates and develop unified admin panel to ease full owner control of your website.

5. Engaging Customer Experience

An online ecommerce store built in Magento has no closing hours. For business partners and sellers who drive sales through your ecommerce store can request quotes and add their products from any device at any time. Take advantage of Magento responsive designs and exciting product search facility. Encourage visitors to buy your products and close more deals with confidence.

6. Go Global with Magento

Online stores that witness growing number of visitors, fail to convert leads into customers. The reason behind this failure is that these websites do not include the multi-currency payment features that Magento already supports. Magento truly brings amazing online shopping experience to life. At e Software Solutions Magento development company in India, we develop responsive custom Magento ecommerce store and online marketplace as well as other mobile sites that are built with integrated standard features for multi-language access and multiple currency options so that customers from any country in the world can easily make payments on your website.

We assure you for best ecommerce web development experience at affordable price. Choose e Software Solutions India to get high quality Magento theme design and shopping store setup for your online e-commerce business.