Hospital Management System

Establish a Technically Advanced Hospital with Effective and All-Round Patient Care at the Center of the Whole Concept !

Improve clinical decision-making, avoid errors and track every single detail with respect to effective and all-round patient care services like Patient Registration, Appointment, OPD, IPD, Laboratory, Reception, User and Accounts Management with fully integrated web-enabled Hospital Management System that we are offering.

Patient Registration

This module provides complete assistance in patient management. Whenever a patient visits the hospital, she/he will be registered under this module with all the basic vital information. The receptionist creates the registration containing the patient information chart. An important feature of this module is that it lets you view the reports and history of the registered patients. Therefore, the record of an already registered patient can be fetched quickly every time that patient visits the hospital. Upon registration, a unique patient ID for tracking patient’s visits is also created. Hence, Patient Registration allows getting detailed information about patient’s health condition.


This module makes the very first step i.e. getting an appointment with the doctor very reliable and convenient. As you would agree, it is extremely troublesome to face the hassle of visiting the hospital only to return back home without getting the suitable time slot to consult the doctor. Through this module the patients can easily book an appointment with the doctor. This process also helps the doctor manage her/his time better as it allows them to easily schedule the visits of their patients for the time suitable to both the parties. The patients can also be sent updates about any change in appointment schedule through SMS or email.

Out Patient Department (OPD)

This module deals with recording the patient’s basic medical treatment details like Patient Registration and depends on other modules for booking appointments for consultation and test appointments etc. This module is used by the Doctor, Receptionist and Lab Attendants according to their individual roles.

To Streamlines processes and activities, this module lets the receptionist takes care of creating OPDs and billing in a well planned manner in the scenario of huge number of patients visiting. The type of OPD viz. - Normal, Urgent or Emergency is included in the module to keep priority based patient care at the centre of the whole concept. Therefore, it does not let any loophole rest when it comes to taking care of precious lives.

It delivers real conceivable benefits by enabling the doctors examine the patients effectively whether writing prescription or referring a test.

The Lab Attendants use this module to maintain the test results in a hassle- free way without having to care about paper work anymore. Finally it improves the overall productivity of the hospital and eventually its reputation.

In Patient Department (IPD)

This feature is used by the nurses or other clinicians to monitor the in-patients. It helps them to manage the in-patients in a better and effective way. This module provides the ability to admit, discharge and transfer a patient. After the patient gets admitted to the hospital, she/he gets a unique admission number. Also, the patient can be assigned to a selected bed. Searching and allocating a bed, ward and room is done by availability or cost. This module ensures correct discharge process is followed and a comprehensive discharge summary is generated. Hence admissions, discharges and transfers can be easily managed. In addition details like Advance Receipt, Bill Generation etc. are available too.

Laboratory Management

Intended for storage and management of information obtained in the course of the work of the laboratory. The laboratory department receives online orders from doctors and also allows laboratory personnel to generate requests. This module effectively manages patient’s medical tests, test reports and laboratory department activities. It enables the generation of test results of various available services such as clinical pathology, X-Ray, Endoscopy and Ultrasound etc. Laboratories can also maintain the patient’s test details for future reference. This is crucial because it gives both the doctor and the patient complete assurance of the correct treatment. It also adds to the convenience of the patients especially outstation patients as they can get their previous reports from the hospital in case they forget to carry them along. The Laboratory Management is integrated with other modules like OPD module. It also provides the option to retrieve the test result by date.

Reception Management

The reception module handles various enquiries about the patient’s admission, discharge details and the patient’s movements within the hospital. It can also handle Doctor Consultation, Consultancy Fees and Time Allocation. It helps the receptionist handle the billing accurately.

User Management

This module is integrated to enable effective management of users and their privileges like the Doctors, Receptionist and the Lab Attendants. Through this the administrator can login, create, update as well as monitor the activities of the above users. It assists in management of various modules and error reporting. It also prevents unauthorized access and usage of the module by the user.

Accounts Management

The hospital’s financial aspects can be fed in this module.

  • Account Ledger- It is the annual summary of the cash with the hospital.
  • Daily Cash Summary- Daily summary of the cash with the hospital.
  • Refund / Advances- All cash refunds and advance cash payments are recorded here.