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If that is your problem – there is a good news! The lead management has now extensively blended with the state-of-the-art technology resulting in online lead management solutions. And one such solution is presented by SoftProdigy in the form of our product – Lead Management Portal. Regardless of what business you’re dealing in, be it the IT sector, Real estate, Production, Management, or anything! We hear you! Our Lead Management Portal is a one-stop-solution for all your lead management needs. You get your clients, and they get your best services. We get satisfaction! Modules of SoftProdigy’s Lead Management Portal 1. Intuitive Dashboard A very interactive dashboard of the portal helps you keep track of everything that comes under your lead management tasks and strategies. All the updates related to your customers, team members, tasks assigned, tasks done, or pending tasks are received at the dashboard itself. The user can manage the work and respond to the clients through this feature-rich dashboard made with a great UI design. 2. Lead categorization One of the most complex tasks to do by a sales rep is Lead Categorization. There is a great deal of work and efforts involved in this task, if it’s done manually or physically. But with our Lead Management Portal, the categorization of the leads is nothing but a cakewalk. The portal helps you categorize the leads on the basis of factors like Upcoming, Priority, Archived, etc. The categories are shown with different lists so you can have an easy access to the information, anytime you want! 3. Lead Allocation Another typical task with lead management is the allocation of leads. If asked, any sales manager would agree to the fact that lead allocation comes with a number of hurdles and troubles. But not anymore! The allocation of leads has been made handier with our high-tech Lead Management Portal. Leads are allocated directly to the sales reps with the help of notes and due dates. 4. Role Based Access (RBAC) Out lead management portal has been infused with the latest features of RBAC. The Role Based Access feature restricts the use of the software or application to only the authorized users. Thus, only the users accredited to participate in your lead management program can have the access to the lead management portal. Other than that, no one can use the portal and so, high privacy is maintained. There is also a provision of MAC (Mandatory Access Control) or DAC (Discretionary Access Control). 5. Assignment of Tasks Our Lead Management Portal runs on a highly-advanced framework and so, it is very convenient to connect the teams together through this portal. The lead managers or sales managers can simply assign the tasks to the representatives, as and when required.