Apex Decors

Apex Decors

Project Outline:
To design and develop a website especially for e-commerce, is just like assembling the elements of a conundrum. With ceaseless efforts of the development team, eSS accomplished this project on time that aimed at creating a knowledgeable, mobile-friendly website. Our main focus was concentrated on bringing timely updates to the design of the website and shoot the site ranking up on Google charts.

Technology Profile: Magento, PHP, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Apache, Office 365

A Glimpse at the integral features:

  • carouFredSel plugin to render interactive graphic effects
  • CSS 3 Media Queries
  • Customized Google Font API for text effects
  • API Integration to include AJAX libraries
  • Customized jQuery plugins for e-commerce functionality
  • Image sharing and posting through third party website
  • Device support with multi-browser compatibility
  • Integrated and customized plugins for icons and albums

Client’s Profile:
Apex Decor International is a Philippines based firm indulged in promoting native hand-made crafts made from wild twigs of Mt. Mayon. They have a wide network of clients across the globe who are mesmerized by the amazing design, quality, antiquity, and nonetheless historical background of the crafts. The artistries that are brought by Apex team from different parts of the world, are available on the website. These form a remarkable media of extending business partnership as well as professional connections sharing a common interest.
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