How To Promote Your Business With Social Media?

Do you want to promote your online business with social media?
Social media allows businesses to promote their websites and stay in touch with their target customers. By connecting your business to social media communities like Facebook, Twitter, Snap Chat, Instagram and LinkedIn, you can reach a huge number of active users around the world. Regardless of where you fall on the online business spectrum, promoting new products across social media channels is a great way to build a strong identity of your brand and promote your website services.
Most of the renowned brands employ a planned social marketing strategy to build relations with their new and existing customers on different social media outlets. Grow your business with high revenue outcomes by advertising your business online via social media platforms. Drive the buying interest of your consumers and bring engaging customer experience to life.

Below are the six most popular social media avenues to get started with promoting your online business on persona-based marketing. Know the key roles, jobs and demographics of your target audience to make the most of these social networking sites.

Promoting Business on Facebook  Facebook icon
If you want to promote the products and services your business is offering, then choose Facebook to get your products visible on social media. It is easy to increase your business value via Facebook.
• Setup a Facebook page where people can interact with your business.
• Post special offers that motivate people to buy your products.
• Know your customers’ reviews about the products they buy from your website.
• Invite people to like your business page and encourage them to share your Facebook page with friends.

Promoting Business on Twitter  Twitter icon
Twitter is the most effective social media channel to promote your products and services. Once you understand how it works, you can take the benefits of Twitter to stay ahead of your competitors in the market.
• Post short tips and know how via Twitter to promote your new products with the audience.
• Follow influencers and companies. Re-tweet with your products to increase social awareness.
• Utilize promoted tweets for Twitter ads and share pictures or videos related to your products.
• Apply Twitter Hashtag marketing tactics to include your product among the most trending on Twitter.

Promoting Business on LinkedIn  LinkedIn icon
Start with LinkedIn if you find your products relevant to the interest of business people and professionals. This platform is predominantly used by industry professionals and multiple businesses to promote their services.
• Create a LinkedIn Company Profile with brief details about business services, and important links to your website.
• Update your company profile with business details, new products and reviews or add presentation slides under the LinkedIn Summary section.
• Create a group for your business and reach out to the professionals and companies that your business can serve. Post regular product reviews and latest updates.
• Share interesting content, images, videos and brochures about your products that anyone reading on your post can share or download.
Skip using LinkedIn if your product doesn’t match with the niche business you are looking to sell. There is a chance that they click the shared link and visit the page but do not buy product from your website.

Promoting Business on YouTube  YouTube icon
You can consider marketing your products and business services on YouTube. YouTube is emerging as a next-generation tool to express your brand, know your customer’s feedback and provide improved product experience.
• Use YouTube channel to launch and promote your products. Post videos with a short description about your new products and how they can serve your target audience.
• Explore the most trending keywords from popular video channels and choose the most relevant to include in your description.
• Create the best thumbnail image that describes your products. Link your YouTube Channel to your business website by adding a URL.
• Launch YouTube contest and encourage customers to vote on their favorite products they buy from your website. Ask them to share testimonials.

Promoting Business on Instagram  Instagram icon
Picture is worth a thousand words. This is one of the reasons you should include Instagram in your social media marketing to promote your business online.
• Create an Instagram profile for your business.
• Run Instagram photo contests and giveaways to get more followers and increase social engagement.
• Post Instagram stories with relevant Hashtags to increase your reach to the new audience.
• Instagram offers different analytics and marketing tools for business that are not available for individual accounts.

Promoting Business on Pinterest  LinkedIn icon
Tap into the power of Pinterest to sell your products and improve your business reach. Promoting products on Pinterest is an effective way to increase sales.
• Set up your Pinterest business profile. Create a dedicated Pinterest board with keywords and featured products related to your business.
• Use a description to share interesting ideas about new products and services your business is offering. Post videos with short description about the products.
• Don’t miss to add Pin It button to your featured product pages so that visitors can import the product images from your website to their Pinterest profile.
• Launch pinning contest to encourage customers pin the product image to their Pinterest boards. Offer a prize for the lucky winner having the most re-pins.

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